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Start Again
mark hart
Do you ever feel like starting again?

I think I experence this at least once a day. A little voice asks "What if you just walked out". To turn you back on the existance you have created and just start again.

This is the start. I had a different account on LJ but wanted somewhere I could write and know nobody will read it. I just needed somewhere safe where some of this stuff wont come back to bite me. A fresh start.

I'm not planing on making a life changing decsion or anything even remotly interesting. I just like the simple stuff. Tim Roth makes me happy. Top Gear makes me happy. House makes me happy.

Thats one thing people I know dont understand. Simple things make me happy and I would rather be happy in this life then resentful and angry. And if simple things make you happy grab on to them and dont let go and dont let people tell you that is stupid.

If I have learnt one thing in my short (so far) life is enjoy the simple things. Sometimes they might be all you have.
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